V.E.R Agro Farms take inspiration from the Father of ZBNF Padma Shri awardee Sri Subhash Palekar and the Gandhi of natural farming Sri Bhaskar Save to work for our farmers in the field of natural farming mission.

VER Agro Farms lay special emphasis on human resources and has recruited highly qualified scientific and technical manpower to work on the specific research projects.

The team of scientists at V.E.R Agro Farms develops products for farmers and consumers across India.

With advances in technology, our scientists can now precisely identify some of the individual traits responsible for producing a particular characteristic, such as resistance to a particular pest, so that breeding new variety is quicker and more precise.

Our research is designed to improve the way crops are grown and protected so that everyone, from consumers to farmers, to the environment, benefits.

For our innovations to benefit all, they must contribute to the sustainability of our planet through helping to address a complex, interconnected set of global challenges.

They need to provide safe, healthy and nutritious food, which meets consumers’ changing expectations and tastes. They need to help farmers adapt to extreme weather caused by climate change, as well as mitigate the carbon emissions from agriculture.

They also need to support farmers in counteracting soil erosion and biodiversity loss.

New technologies have also opened the doors to certain new improvements that were not possible before. V.E.R Agro Farms has consistently focused on increasing farm yields.

And as result of extensive research in crop improvement and advanced breeding techniques, it has introduced a new concept that involves using erect plant types in hybrids that reduce the space between plants, leading to an overall increase in crop density per acre of land.

V.E.R Agro Farms aims to enable farmers to gain the maximum advantage offered by this method of cultivation and has promoted and created widespread awareness of this concept through active campaigning This includes fieldwork, field days, field visits and widespread media coverage through press, hoardings and posters.

The integrated approach of the lab to land or market, introduced by V.E.R Agro Farms, has resulted in a large number of farmers adopting this practice. As a testimony to its success, today, more than 35% of the farming community has adopted this innovation.

Our Research and Development (R&D) meets the challenges farmers face by providing them with crop protection and seeds innovations that are sustainable and safe for people and the environment.

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